Monday, 8 August 2016

The Book of Opening

The Book of Opening

Sensing a reader was on its way,
The oldest book in the library
Opened before it arrived.

"Why are you open?"
Asked the younger books.

"Because a reader is coming
And it may need an adventure,"
Said the oldest book.

"Is the reader a human being?"
They asked.

"The best readers sometimes are,"
Said the oldest book.

"Then it may be looking for a human adventure,"
They suggested.

"Sometimes readers
Don't come into libraries
Looking for adventures,"
Said the oldest book.

"Don't they?"
Asked the younger books.

"No," said the oldest book.
"Sometimes in libraries
Adventures find readers
Before they have time
To run away."

"Shh! Here is the reader now,"
Said the younger books.
"Let's see what happens."

Alcuin Bramerton (2014)


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